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An outdoor kitchen attached to the main house

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a very popular addition to homes, and for a good reason: they’re versatile, durable and allow you to be creative. Having an outdoor kitchen means that you can seamlessly transition from patio mode into the pool or party mode – all before having to go inside. Outdoor kitchens open up a world of possibilities – whether you want a countertop oven, stovetop barbeque, smoker box, or even extra seating space around the outdoor fireplace. At Cairns Kitchen Renovations, we believe that our carpenters are ready with the skills and experience needed to help make those ideas come alive no matter what your dream outdoor kitchen looks like.
Outdoor kitchens are not only confined to the summer months. Cooking outside is becoming a year-round activity, as homeowners begin to realize how great it is to enjoy their backyard all year long with an outdoor kitchen. A place for socializing and entertaining, outdoor kitchens can also be used as a beautiful retreat for relaxing on weekends or holidays.


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    What is an outdoor kitchen?

    An outdoor kitchen is a kitchen designed for an outside space, whether it’s in the garden or on the patio, or at the side of your house. It can include many mirrors found in indoor kitchens such as appliances, faucets and cabinets, but you need to remember that they may be exposed to extreme weather conditions, which is why they need to be of high quality since the outdoor kitchen needs to be more than just functional, it needs to look good too.
    There are many kinds of outdoor kitchens; these range from simple grills on wooden decks with basic countertops, temporary up to luxurious bars fully equipped with gas cookers, fridges and sinks etc.

    A grill for an outdoor kitchen

    How much does it cost to install an outdoor kitchen?

    The cost of putting up an outdoor kitchen really depends on its size, features, and area. An average-sized kitchen with one countertop bar and a sink might cost around $3000, depending on the design and appliances you want to include.
    The cost will be determined by several things – the size, location and special features. The kind of materials you use to make the kitchen and the appliances you choose will influence the cost as well – would you like a barbeque grill, range, sink and even a refrigerator? More than likely, this is going to run up your price.

    An enclosed outdoor kitchen

    What do I need for an outdoor kitchen?

    Aside from beautiful stone counters and wood cabinets, most people are looking to install BBQ or stovetop to make their entertaining easier. If budget permits, it’s always nice to include an extra countertop with a built-in sink for food prep. A side area can hold all your tools, plus provide additional meal prep space. Add some storage bins below the countertops or inside cabinets to house all that expensive cooking equipment out of sight when not in use.
    Space is always at a premium, even when designing the perfect outside space. Making every inch count is essential. Deciding on what type of bar or island to use can be difficult. Choosing what style works best for you and then finding the right size and shape of those choices will affect how much accessible storage you have but also where other components such as seating could go.

    An open outdoor kitchen with a grill

    The benefits of having an outdoor kitchen

    Having an outdoor kitchen is beneficial for those who love to have their family and friends around. It can turn out to be an entertainment hub if it is equipped with all the facilities, including a fridge, lighting, comfortable chairs, microwaves, etcetera. You will find that many people are getting outdoor kitchens these days as they are cost-effective and provide more space for your special events.
    Another benefit of having an outdoor kitchen is that it can help you save some extra money on your electricity bills compared to indoor kitchens. When you have a kitchen outdoors, the appliances function independently, and if they are well maintained, you will find that there is no need for them to be linked with the house. The dishwasher, ovens and other major equipment can be run easily without requiring too much electricity or power supply from your home, which will result in a great saving over time.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Cairns Kitchen Renovations, we offer custom outdoor kitchens that can be designed according to your needs. Our team of experts always go the extra mile to ensure that you get what you want, and we will take your brief and turn it into a perfect outdoor kitchen for you using the best possible materials.
    Whether designing or renovating, our team has got all the skills required to accomplish the task. After you have hired us, we will measure your outdoor space to create a customized design that fits perfectly within your available space.
    Regardless of whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, our construction services are perfect for everyone. This is why people from all across Cairns are contacting us to give their outdoor areas a makeover.
    If you are looking for an outdoor kitchen to be built in your backyard, you must partner with a company like Cairns Kitchen Renovations, who will treat your unique project as if it was their own and complete it through to the highest standard of craftsmanship. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your dream outdoor kitchen a reality.


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